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Dienstag, 04. September 2012

Separation point

Von mademms, 09:07

In recent years, the application of LED products especially semiconductor lighting products of high power LED needs more and more flourishing, while PLC LED Lamp quality requirements are increasingly high, its basically behave in the following respects:

1 positive voltage test: positive voltage range needed in the circuit design of the permitted range, many customers design drive LED light to voltage mode power, forward voltage size will directly affect the entire circuit parameters are changed, which will give the product quality problems. In addition, some circuit power consumption requirements of the products, hope that the same luminous efficiency under the lower forward voltage.

The 2 luminous flux profile: flux value is LED users are very concerned about an indicator, LED application client must know by the use of the LED luminous flux of the range at which, in order to ensure that their products the luminance uniformity and consistency.

3 reverse leakage current test: reverse leakage current in the load voltage is lower than the expected value, the production process due to electrostatic, chip quality caused by factors such as LED reverse leakage current is too high, it will give LED application products was buried under the great hidden dangers, in the use of time is very easy to cause the death of LED lamp.

4 main wavelength shift: for monochromatic light LED, the main wavelength is measured by its color parameters are important indicators, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck the main wavelength of LED light directly reflect the human visual perception.

5 color index profile: color index is directly related to the light to the object object color degree, for the LED lighting products of this parameter is very important.

6 relative color grading: for white light LED color temperature color representation of its industry with more than one parameter, this parameter can be directly show that LED tone is warm or cold or white.

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

LED bulbs will decrease

Von mademms, 06:04
As more individuals become aware of the energy efficiency of LEDs, the price of such items as LED bulbs will decrease in price. Currently, the price of one LED bulb is substantially higher than the price of incandescent or fluorescent lighting. However,LED spot light dab5d56ck the initial price for the bulbs would more than pay for itself in the long run. On average, one incandescent 60-watt bulb lasts 1,000 hours whereas one 2-watt LED light bulb lasts 60,000 hours. Therefore, one would need to purchase 60 incandescent bulbs for every one LED light bulb.

Home LED lighting is a cut above the rest when it comes to energy efficiency. As compared to incandescent lighting, LEDs wins hands down where energy consumption is concerned. For every 60,000 hours of usage, incandescent lighting uses approximately 3,600 kWh of electricity where LED lights use 120 kWh. Bottom line: energy efficiency equals a significant cost savings. LEDs gives off directional light. Therefore, it is useful as a source of light for reading or spotlighting in the home. Its powerful light output also makes it great for outdoor floodlighting and path illumination. These bulbs are now available that can replace most halogen or fluorescent light bulbs used in the home.

Although LED lighting may not be useful for all home lighting needs,Floodlight Philipsreplacing a few bulbs would have a noticeable affect in the amount of electricity used.

LEDs are already used in signs and videos in many indoor and outdoor sporting events and concerts. LED video displays and signs are often preferred because of their higher brightness, which is critical when people are viewing a sign or video from a long distance. Added advantages of these video displays are their capacity to incorporate curves and 3-D design. This makes LED displays technologically superior to currently available large screen displays. Research and developers in the consumer electronics space are eager to take advantage of this overwhelmingly useful technology in future products.

Other uses for LED lighting include flashlights and key chains, automobile taillights and interior lights, and LED-based projection televisions. LED lighting is also being used in the military for LED flashlights that work with night-vision goggles, UV-LED canteen water treatment devices and the sterilization of surgical equipment.

With LED lighting being more energy efficient and technologically superior to many other light sources, numerous applications are sure to evolve. Candle Light Bulb Future generations can expect to consider LED lighting as the standard light source for most lighting applications.

Freitag, 24. August 2012

Block write ( Session At Once )

Von mademms, 06:35
Section ( Session At Once ) writing mode, commonly abbreviated to SAO. Such a write mode once only record a section rather than on the CD, the remaining disk space you can continue to use; reishidab5d55ck used in making multi section CD-ROM. Its advantages are suitable for the production of the type of disc. But every time you burn area while taking up about 13MB of disk space is used for storing the section structure and a section of the connection information, and for the establishment of the next section to prepare. So too many sections would waste more disk space.
Fast write ( On The Fly )
Rapid writing mode ( On The Fly ), usually abbreviated to OTF.dvd copying software A very commonly used in writing, in the early days, due to operational speed of a computer can not meet the requirements, so only in the burn before the data to the predetermined converted using the format ISO-9660 Image File (image file ), and then burned; the current computer processing speed has to achieve complete real-time conversion, the data automatic real time conversion into ISO-9660 format, and then burn the way is called rapid writing.
Multi section write ( Multi Session )
Multi section writing mode ( Multi Session ), usually abbreviated to MS. Each recordable process only burn and closed a section, the remaining space next to continue recording under section. Therefore, dvd to iphoneoften exists on an optical disc of a plurality of sections, called multi-session discs. If the CD is only one section, but the CD is not closed, can also become a multi-session discs. This method used for data CD, convenience is not a moment full of disc.
Packet Writing ( Packet Writing )
Packet writing is a track written in many ways, it can effectively reduce the waste of recordable disk space. Each data packet using the 4 sector, is used as a " enter ", 2 as " left ", is used as a " link ". Datagram can be fixed in size, can also be adjusted, but the majority of burner and burning software use fixed size data packet, it will in the document processing system is more convenient, effective. Packet writing usually use UDF
( Universal Disk Format, universal disk format ) file system, but until Windows2000 does not directly support data packet writing or UDF file system, must want to load some special driver.

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Office furniture clean and practical skills

Von mademms, 05:28
Office furniture cleaning and maintenance, to keep them bright. But you may not know, some errors in the cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporary can make our furniture clean, but actually on the furniture creates the potential for harm,PAR38 Lamp dab5d63ck with increased use of time, your furniture will appear unable to compensate for the problem. The following dawn office furniture to introduce maintenance of furniture two tips:

First, scrub office furniture cloth must be clean

To the dawn of office furniture cleaning and maintenance, we must first determine whether the clean cloth. When clean or wipe dirt, must turn over or replaced with a clean cloth and then use. Don't be lazy and repeated use already dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeated in the furniture surface friction, it will damage the furniture light surface.

Second,A19 LED Light Bulb office furniture care must choose the nursing agent
Want to dimension the brightness of the original furniture, there are furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents and two kinds of furniture care products. The former is mainly aimed at a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire plastic sheet materials such as furniture, and there are two different kinds of jasmine and lemon scented.

The latter applies to all kinds of wood, glass, wood or synthetic materials such as the United States-resistant panels for furniture, especially for mixing material of furniture. Therefore, if the use of both clean, the effect of nursing care, can save a lot of precious time.

Nursing spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents prior to use, the best shake it first, then straight grip spray cans, form an angle of 45 degrees, so that the tank without losing the liquid ingredients in a state of stress is completely released. After crossing the rag at a distance of about 15 cm. Spray gently, so again wipe furniture, can play a very good cleaning effect

In addition, scrub office furniture cloth after use, be sure to dry cleaning. Office furniture cabinet As for the office furniture with a cloth material, such as cloth sofa, leisure cushion, you can use clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agents. When in use, use a vacuum cleaner dust to be sucked, and then a small amount of carpet cleaner sprayed on the wet wipe.

Mittwoch, 01. August 2012

furniture has to be comfortable too

Von mademms, 04:33
Along with being appealing, the furniture has to be comfortable too.web camera wholesaler dab4d61ck Office furniture however is not given the same respect as furniture that would be placed in a house. Office administration must make it a priority to make sure office furniture is stylish, comfortable and cheap.

Great furniture can be brought from a number of places; one of them is the internet. There are sites that cater to supplying of great furniture that ranges from chairs, cupboards, desks etc. The best part is that they are available at nominal rates.

This means that administrative staff does not have to spend a bomb on purchasing office furnitureoffice furniture manufacturer Do not compare the price of the furniture to its quality, because the prices aside the furniture that is available online maybe cheap but it can be compared to the likes of furniture available in high end stores. Once you are on the furniture website you will have so many options to choose from.

Office administrations should make sure that they pick office appropriate furniture meaning although that furniture can be stylish but it also has to be something that is fit for office environment. They should also make sure that the furniture is not jazzy. Care must be taken to see that the furniture is not overtly comfortable, like office chairs must have straight rests and not ones that recline.

This might make employees lazy and distract them. Depending on your budget, the office furniture website will formulate a quote for you. So you will be able to choose the furniture depending on the money you are willing to spend.

It is a fact that an individual spends a large part of his time in an office as compared to his home. Keeping that in mind, the office administration must pay special attention to the furniture that they choose for their employees.

Comfort should be their priority followed by price.Office carpet ZhangPingDe method Compromising on comfort for price should be avoided at all costs. Once you place an order your office furniture will be delivered to you in a matter of 24 hours.

Whether you are looking for office sofas, chairs or tables you will be able to find everything on an online site. The websites also have furniture based on the current trends in the interior design market.

Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

character of the relationship

Von mademms, 10:20
The child's face and character of the relationship

The parents to their children's appearance is more familiar with it. The child's eyes, updates can depress the cost nose, eyebrows at home long eye is so perfect and lifelike.

In fact, the child's face often and genetic has the very big relations, but the face of the day after tomorrow with the innate life state and social environment, the personal experience is different, also can produce bigger change. Education psychologist through a lot of statistics research found that the child's face in some extent could reflect a certain character.

 Round face

People often will have small round the children like to call "small PanDunEr", they look lovely. This face, muscle thick and round, and the children get along well, friendly, and communication skills. The face of the child is always very optimistic, exactly, they just seem to a pair of optimist,baby from reading the password the way this is is round face gave worship, deserve to go up again smile, absolutely what all cannot defeat they feel. This kind of children on environment feel comfortable in safety, so is always kind, interesting, and agreeable. Education experts suggest that if your child is round face type, then on exchanges with them, should be most concerned about is to become their listeners, because optimistic that they don't know what is a melancholy, likes to think what to parents said. And, of course, is not to say that the round face of children without melancholy pie, parents according to their child's actual condition to education them.

 Type melon seeds face

This face more common in girls, is delicate pronoun, the most famous oval face belongs to a dream of red mansions of Lin daiyu. Have the face of girl's son, usually has the temperament of hesitation, normally not love and others speak, but and familiar with people tend to open your heart, and if the parents can use the correct way to cultivate and their feelings, so they will also and parents no words don't talk. If the parents from the demand that their attitude with harsh, then grew up, and these kids will become very demanding, and even mean.

In addition, the face of the child with a very good adaptability, rich reason, is a rational activists.

In particular, that this child self-esteem, if be hurt self-esteem, whatever degree, they will be much blow, and to harm them people be hatred, so this kind of the child's parents want to note: no matter how angrybabies growth hormone secretion, also don't say hurt the child's pride discourse. Otherwise, the children are sad, the consequences will be severe.

DaoSanJiao face

The outline of the outline of the face is, wide forehead, face with the direction of the chin slowly to narrow, form DaoSanJiao type face.

Have the face of child and his body related, and their body is thin, delicate most of the form. They do things most conscientious and meticulous, some children may also have cleanliness. They have very strong vanity, like by the people of attention, at the same time also very concerned about striking things; Temperament of one side of the indecisive, and exquisite and romantic side, most will have the temperament of hard to approach, and makes people feel hard to get along with.

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

eat out of colorectal cancer

Von mademms, 06:26
"Two tall low" eat out of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer referred to colon cancer, is high hazard gastrointestinal malignant tumor, white-collar diet partial fine,Carl August Von Steinheil designed used to "two tall low" namely high adipose, high protein, low dietary fiber diet structure, plus exercise insufficiency, obese people growing. Too much high fat intake long-term still can increase the secretion of bile acid gut, intestinal mucosa to stimulate and damage form, as time passes is likely to cause large intestine cancer. How to prevent large intestine cancer? Experts suggest that the public better do a fiber each year, colonoscopy, so that early detection and early treatment.

Large intestine cancer "at" on young people

Colorectal cancer referred to colon cancer, is high hazard gastrointestinal malignant tumor, after lung, stomach, liver, incidence of a disease has accounted for the fourth most common cancer. According to statistics, China's rise, the onset of much faster than 2% % of the international level, hit 5%, new cases every year as high as 400000. More intriguing is that the old people in the past to belong to the cancer, has been quietly "at" on more than 30 years old.

"Two tall low" eat out of colorectal cancer

Recently, the German human nutrition research institute, according to a study with colon cancer size has the very big relations, waist circumference and hip circumference than people with the too high risk of colon cancer.

Colorectal cancer mainly comes from obesity factors, high fat diets and cellulose intake too little, may result in colorectal cancer. In recent years, of colon cancer a significant trend is, movement is little, living conditions, often sat still people become high-risk groups, including young white-collar account for a high proportion of this group.

White-collar diet partial fine, used to "two tall low" namely high adipose, high protein, low dietary fiber diet structure, plus exercise insufficiency, obese people growing. Too much high fat intake long-term still can increase the secretion of bile acid gut, intestinal mucosa to stimulate and damage form, as time passes is likely to cause large intestine cancer.

Research shows that, grown men waist-hip ratios if more than 0.9, straight with the risk of colon cancer will more than double, and women every day of the workshop if less than 1 hour leisure accumulation, the risk of colorectal cancer will increase greatly. Colorectal cancer is one of the few can be directly determine the risk factors of the cancer, and eating and living habits have large relative, also is the focus of the designated department of health of the prevention and control of one of seven kinds of cancer.

Six types of colorectal cancer incidence crowd

In addition, clinical practice has confirmed that the following six group belong to large intestine cancer incidence crowd: 30 to 40 years have gastrointestinal symptoms; Large intestine cancer a high incidence, is mainly in the big cities in old people; A large intestine cancer pre-cancerous person, such as a large adenomas, ulcerative colitis, schistosomiasis; the Have a family history of colorectal cancer, family history and genetic colon polyps sick; A pelic radiation the history and have gallbladder or appendix removed the history

Generally speaking, the early colon cancer and no special symptoms, possible clinical manifestations include roughly shit with blood, then empress drop of blood bloodshed, defecate number increase, defecate is thinner, abdominal discomfort, anemia.Give the baby chicken to avoid food Such as the discovery of these symptoms, should be timely to go to hospital for regular inspection. Experts suggest that the public better do a fiber each year, colonoscopy, so that early detection and early treatment.

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

The key to the development of LED industry

Von mademms, 12:00

Adhere to the independent innovation, cooperative innovation to strengthen the ability of independent innovation, and accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development is implementing the scientific concept of development is the fundamental demand.T8 LED Tube dab4d58ck As China's economy structure adjustment, promote the transformation and upgrading of the implementation of the strategic task deeply, improve economic development quality, realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the whole society has become the common aspiration and unified action. The trend in the LED industry field, seems particularly outstanding.

In recent years, guangdong provincial party committee of the communist party of China, guangdong provincial government will rapid development, the rise the LED industry as a major strategic new industry, and by guangdong LED by the decision, let the ministry of science and technology is a competent the entire industry, LED the development of the industry leading to solve problems. Provincial committee and government, the important strategic decision to the science and technology department of great inspiration and urges, thus speeding up the advancement of science and technology department from "costar" to "leading role", from "actor" to "executive director" the strategic orientation transformation. We, science and technology department received task, soon straighten out the LED industry development ideas, choose standard LED the breach of the development of the industry, establish a variety of innovation elements of the interaction between coordination collaborative innovation mechanism and promoting the LED industry realized the fast, orderly and healthy development. In 2011,LED Bulb A19 the guangdong province LED industry achieve output value 151.5 billion yuan, industry scale to continue taking the first place.

Industry technical level of the solid lead

Current, the LED industry has become the international science and technology economy new focus of competition. The so-called LED, is leds, and calls the semiconductor lighting, is a kind of energy conversion for visible light to the solid of semiconductor devices, its birth in the mid 1990 s. Because the LED industry has the knowledge intensive and technology-intensive remarkable characteristics, and its leading technology belong to high technology fields, so all countries in the world is very important to grasp LED industry. Guangdong province in the national start LED industry earlier, at present, not only have the above characteristics and requirements, but also achieve the leading technology process and technology breakthrough, guangdong LED industry rapid rise and rapid development, and build the solid industrial foundation. Now, in our province, LED industry already among the high-end areas of science and technology with the advanced world level as basic keep the synchronous development of high and new technology industries. Mainly in four aspects:

One is the enterprise is very strong, industry large squad. Enterprise is the mainstay of market competition, is a basic industry structure. It can be said that the strength of the enterprise, determines whether a industry strength. After many years development, guangdong LED production enterprise whether from the quantity and quality, all have a strength and size. From the number on look, by the end of 2011, the industry has LED more than 3000 enterprises home, all the working staff 550000 people, driving the employment of 2.2 million people. Look from quality, our enterprise and industrial advantage is much more obvious. To present, guangdong province has LED industry the photoelectric, work on the photoelectric, lehman photoelectric, science and technology, and the state power, countries alike to le starlight electricity, foshan, lighting more than 10 listed company, quantity first in China. Can say, we assembled the guangdong province and even the whole country LED industry the best of the best enterprise, formed the strongest enterprise and industry to the squad.

2 it is complete range products, and the industry chain is perfect. No product, not make enterprise; Not a variety of products, not make series; And no series products of between organic docking, will not make industrial chain. In view of this, we in the development of the industry in the process of LED, focus on the value chain, enterprise chain, supply chain and space chain four dimensions structure "docking mechanism", and this only "invisible hand" control the upstream and downstream relations and the value of each other exchange, upstream to downstream link transport link product or service to the upstream and downstream link link feedback information, accelerating the formation of industrial chain. Now, the LED industry not only products of guangdong province quite complete categories, and between the upstream and downstream industry chain is long, is the most complete industry chain LED one of the areas. Engaged in LED technology and product research, development, production and sales of the enterprise, has widely distributed in the substrate, extension, chip, packaging,webber manufacturer neize225dw application products and supporting products links such as cover all areas of the industry chain. In the regional layout, the LED industry chain also formed the shenzhen as the main item, take to the expected, the pearl river delta to the extension of the radiation pattern.

Three is having the core technology, conquers high-end field. Master the key technology, strengthening self-directed innovation is an important symbol of, is to promote the main power of the transformation and upgrade. Guangdong province in the development the process of LED industry, not only pay attention to the expansion of the more, pay attention to enhance the ability of independent innovation, grasp core technology, conquers high-end field. To realize the core technology breakthroughs LED industry, we organize university, scientific research institutions, enterprises and trade association LED experts for implementation industrial technology roadmap plan, establish the system of key technology research project, agglomeration advantages innovation resources, and promote innovation chain and the integration of industry chain, in order to foster LED industry form the core competitive power. At present, the province of patent application in the field of LED a cumulative 9121 pieces, LED the patent number is 1270 pieces authorized, both rank the whole nation the first. Among them, the LED chips in the field of preparation technology of patent application of 1693 pieces, for three years to keep the growth rate of more than 30%, leading the industry gradually extended to high-end link. Especially in high-end core equipment MOCVD machine core equipment of the nationalization and industrialization, has made significant breakthrough, fill the LED industry of China in the link of high-end technology blank, preempted the upstream core technology commanding heights.

Freitag, 06. Juli 2012

decontamination cleaning

Von mademms, 08:59
Wooden furniture decontamination cleaning seven method

A, soap cleaning method

Every once in a while, dab4d56ck should wooden furniture cleaning once, when washing soft cloth or sponge available in light of soap water temperature clean, dry after appearing, reoccupy furniture of light oil la besmear to brush.

Second, milk cleaning method

With a clean piece of cloth on overdue can not drink of the dip in milk, then use time wipe the table cloth and wooden furniture, remove dirt the effect is very good. Final reoccupy clear water wipe again,office furniture001 it is applicable for various furniture.

Three, tea cleaning method

Paint furniture was infected with dust, can use gauze package wet tea slag wipe, or with cold boiled water scrubbing, can make furniture special bright and clean and bright.

Four, beer cleaning method

Take 1400 ml of boiling ale, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams beeswax, fully mixing, when the mixture cools, dip in with soft cloth to wipe the wood. This law applies to oak wood furniture clean.

Five, white vinegar, cleaning method neize225dw

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

OLED commercially available

Von mademms, 06:27
OLED commercially available since 1997has been effective development,LED Bulb Brandup to1-3inch small size monochrome and color passive driving panel has been in the mobile phone auxiliary screen and screen, a small music player and other aspects of the application, the annual output more than7000W, but we cannot expect the future passive drive OLED in the display area will be large scale development, because of its large size and high definition of the existence of technical limitations, so that applications are significantly limited.
The future mainstream should be active drive OLED, South Korea Displaybank announced the first quarter of 08 was an active matrix type OLED panel supply performance findings, supply capacity of 27200003000, increased to28 in the same period last year times, enough to see its development is rapid. Active driving OLED another significant advantage is high opening rate, while reducing power consumption to improve life.
For the active drive OLED,beauty361 dab4d55ck people often use top emission, inversion and micro cavity structure of the device and high contrast device and their combination, the current products are mostly adopts the top emission or top emission + micro cavity structure device. In 2007December listed company Sony11 "OLED" XEL-1" TV is the top emission + Color + micro cavity structure. This market also opens the OLED television era, into the organic semiconductor industry a powerful driving force for development, to step in the concept put forward20 years later to the industrialization of a solid first step.
For OLED applications in display, from a performance point of view, fluorescent organic molecular material system has sufficient to satisfy a requirement, fluorescent organic molecular material with high stability, the device structure design and related auxiliary materials matching, red, green, blue fluorescent organic molecular material device efficiency reached 12cd/A,36.3 cd/A and 11.4 cd/A,1000CD per square metre of initial brightness, life expectancy reached 150000,62000 and20000 hours, even fluorescent type white light OLED, also its efficiency reaches 16 cd/A, life for more than 70000hours.
In the future, in addition to further improve the performance of materials and devices, particularly blue-emitting material device performance,LED Lighting supplier the development of new materials system, on a display panel of local uniform and mainly solves the problem of uneven panel, panel resolution problem, panel of ultrathin films of the problem, here is the film package and low cost technology problems. In fact, with the liquid crystal display in the display area of a decision, to be solved ultimately is cost issue, at present, companies are using the3.5 generation or the generation 4.5half cut ( half ) glass substrate, to reduce the cost of organic display panel, must use the full size of the glass substrate, but also need to to further improve the production cycle, improve production. In order to expand the production scale and expanding the board size, manufacturing equipment manufacturers need to organic display industry to provide greater equipment. Also, improve the utilization rate of materials is also facing a problem of reducing cost, because the material utilization rate of less than 5% at least, to increase to more than 20% in order to meet the demand, obviously these are and liquid crystal display for the competition must be faced with the difficult challenge.

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Light emitting diode technology

Von mademms, 09:12
1limit values
(1) allows the power consumption to Pm: allows LED light emitting diode ends of positive DC voltage and the current through it is the product of the maximum. This value is exceeded,A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck a LED heating, damage.
(2) the maximum DC forward current IFm: allows the adding maximum DC forward current. More than this value can be damaged diode.
(3) the maximum reverse voltage VRm: allows the maximum reverse voltage. This value is exceeded, a luminous diode may be breakdown.
(4) the working environment of topm: light-emitting diodes working environment temperature range. Below or above this temperature range, the light emitting diode can not work normally, greatly reduce the efficiency of.
2 electrical parameters of significance
(1) forward current If: it refers to the light-emitting diode illuminating positive current value. In actual use should be selected according to the need of IF in 0.6IFm below.
(2) the positive voltage VF: parameters are given in the table working voltage is given in the forward current under the. Generally in the IF=20mA when the measured. Light emitting diode forward voltage of VF in 1.4~3V. In the outside temperature, VF will drop.
(3): V-I characteristics led the relationship of voltage and current
In the forward voltage is smaller than a certain value ( called threshold ), current is small, no light. When the voltage exceeds a certain value, the forward current with voltage increases rapidly, led. From V-I curves can be drawn led forward voltage,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard reverse current reverse voltage and other parameters. Positive light emitting tube reverse leakage current of IR<10 μA.

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

manufacturing printed organic

Von mademms, 09:47
A new method of manufacturing printed organic solar cells, ultimately brings the model has the advantages of low cost,solar panel 2012dab4c51ck cheap price of the flexible solar panel.
The job of leading the Alan Haig ( AlanHeeger ), he and Guillermo - Baz ( GuillermoBazan ) shared the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2000, is because the development of the conductive polymer, is easy for manufacturing plastic solar cells and organic light-emitting diode. Haig and Bazan are California University at Santa Barbara ( UniversityofCalifornia, SantaBarbara ) Professor of chemistry.
A higher magnification of transmission electron microscopy images, display planes stacked small molecular solar material lattice fringe,
Polymer solar cells efficiency is less than that of silicon solar cells, but it is cheaper to preparation. Organic material either with the polymer, or by the so-called" small molecules", i.e. low molecular weight organic compound, can be made into ink, a large area of printing. They are light and flexible, is expected to carry some applications, such as a roof mounted or solar battery, charging for portable electronic devices.
Use Bazan to design a novel small molecule, Haig made of a solar cell, can put according to the upper6.7% of the energy of sunlight into electric energy. Bazan predicts, within a year to achieve 9% efficiency. Although laboratory testing efficiency often far higher than the production of battery efficiency, however, this will make these materials may be comparable to the best on the market of polymer solar cells.
Up to now, improving organic solar cell performance and cost,baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe the bulk of the work has focused on the development of new polymer materials.
Bazan is taken, combine theory and experiment, the development of new small molecule materials. He first to optimize its electrical performance, making this molecule can support required by the high current and voltage, have solar power. Particularly difficult is to create a small molecular material, made good films; while the polymer is very long, and twisted into a stable films, however, small molecule is not easy to produce the plane film preparation, is a solar battery is needed for film.
In experimental platform with many times before, the Bazan group proposed an appropriate small molecule and process, can be prepared by high efficiency small molecular solar cell. This work has been in the" natural" magazine introduction material. Bazan is expected to adjust the material design, further improve the performance of.
Haig says, in the past, he was not seriously small molecular solar energy materials, because the performance is very low. " Other people have been using small molecules, but the performance is far below the polymer, " he said.
However, in the energy market, it is difficult to make organic solar cells become real competitors, especially because the silicon cells become more cheap. " Performance and service life have yet to reach that step," Yang Yang ( YangYang ) said, he is the University of California at Los Angeles ( UniversityofCalifornia, LosAngeles ) Professor of materials science and engineering. Yang Yang is studying the polymer solar energy materials, in his company, Mel ( Solarmer ) is a solar energy company, he also in his academic laboratory study of small molecular solar cell; his goal is the laboratory made batteries reach15% efficiency. But, said Yang Yang, Santa Barbara's work is very important, examples of promising small molecular solar.
As these materials in the market operation, Haig said," is too early, it's hard to know," but he thinks, efficiency has reached a considerable level,personal computer remote 2012 and the solar energy materials promising. " Now, we should be taken seriously, " he said.

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

getting better and better

Von mademms, 04:30
LED lighting in the second half of the year is getting better and better
This year China five one holiday TV sales than expected,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk causing LED industry to LED backlight market perception also tends to be conservative. The busy season is not doubt again, however, and adjusting mechanism of PIDA points out, this year is expected to be on LED lighting to boost the momentum, and estimated the overall Taiwan LED value would increase in the second half of the year, total production value of annual growth rate of10%, look reach NT nearly 200000000000 yuan period.

LED lighting demand of second half of the year off significantly, to be held in June in the Guangzhou Lighting Fair, to be about to join the LED manufacturer currently has also set a new record, the scale will also have the chance to exceed Hongkong Lighting Fair; in addition, the LED exhibitors in Taiwan photoelectric show warm degree was higher than that of the panel and solar photovoltaic.

It is understood, to participate in Taiwan photoelectric exhibition and foreign manufacturers including Nicha, Cree, Osram, lighting, Seoul semiconductor, Lite, Delta, this station, Edison, crystal, can a round, Thailand, industrial, and is different from the past, to LED own-brand exhibiting lamp factory has increasing trend.

According to PIDA LED points out,2011, total production value of industry of annual growth rate of3%, while the LED lighting market by domestic price change of LED lamps, increased demand, coupled with the digital TV broadcasting television drive dress up LED increased, while LED backlight module will drive GDP growth this year, the Taiwan LED overall value in the second half of amplification.

Fuji economic report points out, Japan since the nuclear disaster power supply tight, to accelerate the replacement of LED lighting, LED lighting in2012occupies the whole lights are type38%, and estimates of up to 244700000000yen, and the continuous promotion of the twelfth five-year plan to install street lighting installed, is expected in 2012a total of 1220000light, T8 LED lamp Taiwan 's domestic market, coping oil electric double up, economy of energy saving performance guarantee project ( ESCO ) model to promote Taiwan set LED street lamp project, is expected to dress up326000 lights above LED lights, drive the NT4481000000 yuan output value.

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

commonly known as Dafangyizhen

Von mademms, 09:29
Vaccination, commonly known as Dafangyizhen, is to protect the child less or not by some infectious diseases is one of the effective measures. Now with the vaccination knowledge popularization, timely vaccination parents have been increasing,Yun Zhibut many people still have a superficial knowledge of knowledge of vaccine.

Some parents think that as long as the number of vaccinated, the baby will be less sick; also some thinking that the vaccine is bacterial, virus made, with a toxin, so less is more. Should should not let children vaccinated? Experts think, parents learn more vaccination information and knowledge, in order to give their children more protection.
In children in good health at the time of inoculation
Due to the use of vaccines, many have a serious threat to infants,wholesale baby clothes suppliers children and even adults the life and health of the infectious diseases have been substantially reduced or extinction. However, no vaccines may lead to adverse reactions. In many cases, adverse reactions are mild, a few days will disappear.

Gongshu District CDC deputy director of introduction to not fly, vaccination of children against parents must clear the child body is it right? Well, not to postpone vaccination. The day after inoculation, don't take a shower, don't let the child is too tired. Allergic constitution person, should be timely to reflect the doctor. Very few children after vaccination may be a high fever, the doctor may have a look, give symptomatic treatment.
The following is not in this period such as vaccination: children are have a fever, suffering from acute infectious diseases, asthma, rubella, eczema and other disease or heart disease, nephritis and hepatitis and other diseases, do not hit precautionary needle. A history of epilepsy and drug allergy history not to vaccinate children. Details in the community to parental vaccination notice are clearly shown, parents must be read carefully.

After inoculation, there is little children might have some mild local swelling and pain, if the baby high fever, can take anti-fever medicine, do physical cooling, eat some nutritious and easy to digest food, feed water and to observe the child's condition changes. Severe abnormalities in response to timely medical treatment.

People for some diseases and no effective antibodies, if not vaccinated,baby shoes wholesale not only can put themselves in danger of being infected, but also to the surrounding friends pose a threat to. " We can't because of concerns about side effects and do not give children vaccinated, it will give up eating for fear of choking, resulting in many disease stage a comeback, but have more serious consequences." I wish the director says, so parents need to do is, as far as possible in accordance with the provisions of national immunization program for vaccination, expanded immunization program vaccine according to actual condition chooses to children, protect children from infectious diseases.

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The United States keyboard

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The song is represented by IBM squatting type spring membrane keyboard, this time in286very active keyboard full name is buckling spring bend axis of the spring film type mechanical keyboard ( buckling, spring means the curved spring ) it and the mechanical switch keyboard, there's a big difference between.PC remote control Some say by typing it like in the piano music feeling, it is sturdy and durable, not easy to be damaged, let them even normal life has been to, but still be in circulation on the market.

Each layer of the double-layer structure is the key cap is spring,If I am rightspinach008 the 5 layer of the film sheet in the metal disk is composed of a switch circuit, an upper black piece is made of rubber used to protect film, in black rubber piece, is a layer of carbon membrane, the contact is a good print. There is another layer of the printed circuit and the contact, but if two piece placed directly, each of the contacts will be in long-term communication.

When you press the key for nearly 3/ 4 of travel time, spring reaches the limit of compression and bending moment and hitsblackcurrant the wall makes a click sound ( this and other mechanical switch keyboard switch contact sound completely different, really admire IBM guys creative ah ) at the same time as the angle changes make the following module through principle of lever pressing, exposure to the thin film switch circuit. To make this ingenious design is the key for realizing the internal structure of the angle ( no wonder people evaluate the small spring pool countless designers wisdom ).aprico

This keyboard is due to the high cost,date in order to control the PC overall cost, has now been discontinued, but due to its inability to replace the hand,bluetooth keyboard and excellent quality, so the market is still very much alive.