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Dienstag, 04. September 2012

Separation point

Von mademms, 09:07

In recent years, the application of LED products especially semiconductor lighting products of high power LED needs more and more flourishing, while PLC LED Lamp quality requirements are increasingly high, its basically behave in the following respects:

1 positive voltage test: positive voltage range needed in the circuit design of the permitted range, many customers design drive LED light to voltage mode power, forward voltage size will directly affect the entire circuit parameters are changed, which will give the product quality problems. In addition, some circuit power consumption requirements of the products, hope that the same luminous efficiency under the lower forward voltage.

The 2 luminous flux profile: flux value is LED users are very concerned about an indicator, LED application client must know by the use of the LED luminous flux of the range at which, in order to ensure that their products the luminance uniformity and consistency.

3 reverse leakage current test: reverse leakage current in the load voltage is lower than the expected value, the production process due to electrostatic, chip quality caused by factors such as LED reverse leakage current is too high, it will give LED application products was buried under the great hidden dangers, in the use of time is very easy to cause the death of LED lamp.

4 main wavelength shift: for monochromatic light LED, the main wavelength is measured by its color parameters are important indicators, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck the main wavelength of LED light directly reflect the human visual perception.

5 color index profile: color index is directly related to the light to the object object color degree, for the LED lighting products of this parameter is very important.

6 relative color grading: for white light LED color temperature color representation of its industry with more than one parameter, this parameter can be directly show that LED tone is warm or cold or white.