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Mittwoch, 06. Februar 2013

Say hello or to say that you are bad

Von mademms, 04:11
Emotional, sensual and impulsive, and strongly need the approval of others, Wang Wenqi character of color who belongs red. In the school's journey to Seoul Arts Center, the outside world has given him too much criticism and pressure, his inner desire to be released here in the closest people to gain strength, so when he not praise but criticism, the heart can not afford.

Stage who ask the girls, character, there is a big yellow, so she can not in any way to understand, not the closest person should find your question, point out your weaknesses, to help you to improve this? brushless motorConflict - in life, which is the number of red and yellow with family may appear yellow character is always committed to helping other half.

"I'll give you criticism is hope you do better, but unfortunately the red character, he needs to" I encourage you to be better ", his voice is" I'm on the outside has been very hard, everyone does not endorse me, back home, I do not need you to give me encouragement and criticism, even if you are telling lies, I hope you say I, so I can have the power to move forward.

Yellow also has a feature, when they express their views, always so confident, certainly and absolutely. Change to the workplace, this sentence is also common in the yellow language: "how are you doing bad", "Which one of you will not work", sometimes yellow is not intended to people beat him to death, and turn iron into steel, is because the other side is his close subordinates.

Or hand-picked go-getters, the yellow will use this shock will stimulate each other to their fullest potential. However, if the other happens to be a big red criticized self-confidence has dropped to low, yellow stimulation may not achieve the desired effect, but difficult to ease the yellow generate resentment.

Whether the closest person should be said that the "good word" or "trash"? Say a good word, afraid of red cocky and say bad things about, afraid he was unable to stand up again to combat.

dc motor gear dba5a06dkMy personal view is widely red incredibly, as closest to the people, you should use the appropriate method to tell him his shortcomings; When all combat criticize him, you must stand warm at his side, to encourage him, because you are his only motivation.