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Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Natural gas leakage and how to do

Von mademms, 05:27

Natural gas is mainly methane, relative to the gas and liquefied petroleum gas, is a green fuel, but also is a kind of flammable, explosive gas. Therefore, caution must be used, first, Landscape product dab2d12ck to prevent the leakage of natural gas system.

When the user is suspected of leaking gas stove, please user is performed according to the following steps 1, please check user configuration amount of soap and water ( preferably concentrated ), used in leak detection. 2, open the vent valve, so that the air flow. 3, check valve junction leakage ( only applicable to liquefied petroleum gas ): dipped in a small amount of soap and water drops, the pressure reducing valve and the liquefied gas tank connected first, observe whether there are bubbles, such as the air bubble, need consulting the user to replace the relief valve. 4, check the connection hose joint leakage: with the detection method experiment. 5, if the above method is still not able to lift the leakage phenomenon, should come to overhaul. If a gas stove was not on fire, according to the following procedures: first, check the source switch is in the on state, if in the open state, then secondly, babyclothwear check the connection hose for any fold flat or bending, if not be folded flat or bending, then, finally, to pick up a pot stand ignition nozzle, to see whether fire.

Natural gas leakage for a variety of reasons, mainly the following reasons:

( 1) the pipeline joints of various fillers or gasket damage;

( 2) the pipe corrosion perforation;

( 3) the gas meter damage;

( 4) connected with the tracheal hose hose ends of aging or damage, improper installation;

( 5) cooker plug lax;

( 6) gas meter valve packing damage.

Natural gas leakage and how to do? Natural gas leakage is very dangerous, as the smell the smell of rotten eggs or gasoline that leaks place. This must be especially careful, not hot, not switch, not smoking or using iron each beat, not wearing shoes with nails into, not playing mobile phone, in short to prevent all sparks. If it is a small amount of leakage, biscuit tin box to rapidly close the table before the valve, the cylinder angle valve, cut off the gas source. Open the windows and doors, natural ventilation. Open, close any electrical appliances, all kinds of fire to prevent. Gas pipeline repair telephone dial. You should immediately open the kitchen door and window natural ventilation (note! This can not open the exhaust fan forced ventilation, lest the motor switch and start to produce a spark caused by natural gas ignition ), in order to reduce the leakage of natural gas in the kitchen, at the same time with soap and water may leak test in site. Test place if bubbles, herein indicate leakage, at this time should first closing the inlet valve. Leak point can repair itself, shall immediately notify the gas management department for repair. On the natural gas system leak never allow the use of match ignition method to check, this can be very dangerous, be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.