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Freitag, 21. September 2012

LED lights may cost more

Von mademms, 05:02
The mercury contained in each bulb may be minimal, but break one in your home and clean up is a pain,LED Lighting Design dab6d25ck and those that make it through trash collection inevitably break in landfills, creating a potential ecological disaster. LED lights may cost more up front, but the pay off is significant.

Looking at the Overall Costs

When you look at the cost of a light fixture you have to consider bulbs and electricity. Breaking down the costs of incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and LED bulbs, you get the following analysis, based upon an estimated cost per KWh at $0.13 - the national average.

Expecting 6 hours of use daily for a single 60 watt bulb or its equivalent and estimating 60,000 total hours of use,office furniture supplier intensive cabinet a reasonable lifespan for an LED bulb, the figures are as follows. Powering and supplying incandescent bulbs would cost $482.61, the CFL bulbs $119.52 and the LED bulb, $96.80. Imagine how those savings would add up if you switched the majority of your bulbs from incandescent.

Ways to Get a Bit More for Your Money

The price differential is clear; LED bulbs are the most cost effective, although CFL bulbs are a relatively close second. LED bulbs have the advantage of not containing any mercury, which makes them worthy of serious consideration. To get the best LED bulbs start by selecting Energy Star products.

Choosing Energy Star compliant bulbs will decrease your energy use per bulb by at least 75%. The bulbs work with standard dimmable switches, don't break easily, are guaranteed for three years and can be expected to last up to 22 years with continuous use.

Call your local utility company and ask if they are offering any rebate programs to people who purchase LED bulbs.

Go online and order bulbs directly from the manufacturers if you can. They are often less expensive than those sold at home supply stores or supermarkets and the selection is more comprehensive. Finally,selection of office furniture try to remember that purchasing LED lights is a long term investment - it will pay off.