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Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

song art stanzas

Von mademms, 10:37
2011 souths rather international folk song art stanzas will on the 10th, 2011 the 21th~on October 26 in the south of Guangxi rather the city hold.Folk song stanza period, south rather the city plan the arrangement literary style activity,htpc Keyboards economic trade activity and travel activity and other activities are 50 total, the movable contents is abundant, the topic is fresh clear, the form come close common people life.The outstanding cultural topic of this folk song art stanza raised the specific weight of cultural activity a little bit in early years and particularly strengthened the activity carried a combining of body and traditional culture, local culture, while promising an exquisite article, emphasized an outstanding place special feature, promoted the cultural content of activity, constructed for"two meetings one section" more pleased celebrate, warm and solemn and impressive atmosphere.

Three greatest characteristics

Characteristics a:The evening party whole creativity is new.Use the folk song big match as the opening ceremony evening party intense emotion point of departure, take"water" as topic, forge an all new folk song principle.Open an evening party to totally is divided into five parts, one is a prologue 《water is from the sky 》;Two is preceding 《beautiful water 》, mainly make a show of strong country infinite romantic feeling in Guangxi, well embody the comeliness of strengthening the race to work properly to move;Three is medium article 《the feeling of water 》, well make a show of ASEAN all countries is connected with each other with water, spread the fine state of mind of feeling because of water;Four is next 《the dream of water 》, the display ocean strategy takes water as Mei and interprets dream because of water;Five is a be over article 《the torrent is to the ocean 》.wireless keyboardsCosmos pastoral style background music that the evening party usage unifies establishes, background music since can independently become another chapter vein to mutually accept, display ASEAN state of mind, international current in the innovation, with genuine feeling solid feeling, well carry out interaction.

Characteristics two:Mobility scene type the satge is new.The evening party first time art presents a mobility scene type satge, well make use of 3D space, outstanding chemical elements, such as greenery and drop of water...etc., match with dreamlike video frequency, ultra-cool flames, construct water waterfalls the human life fairyland, bright jade tree azure stone Qiong crest, jelly-fish to float a bottom of sea unreal image for a day etc. dreamlike scene.Match with to flow satge, on the costume design, will take"water" chemical element as to create inspiration, blend a race chemical element, and make the most of high technology, make the clothing is in the process of performing in present much heavy variety, create the feeling of a pleasant change of atmosphere, even have firework special effect matching each other with the actor action to match, imminent, make a high tide to occure repeatedly.

Characteristics three:Big wrist grass root the star hands over to mutually reflect, the opening evening party star big wrist swarms about, the starlight is bright, the cast is HongKong-Macau current pedestal star,plate heat exchanger manufacturer as well have the local excellent contestant to choose in native star and the folk song big match.The evening party will well blend through big wrist and grass root star interaction and round the sound of beam for audience construction with all strength.