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Dienstag, 27. September 2011

General intelligent

Von mademms, 09:30
General intelligent television will be integrated with several basic functions, first of all the television to watch tv. Samsung confident to provide the best HD solutions, including screen quality. And the realization of VOD video online play, from passive to active watch TV to watch tv.LED Tube Light ManufacturerThat is to say, who provided the most contents, consumers are most happy. Another is the television network search, finally is the mobile shop. Consumers in the home entertainment center is not only to see the video, but also can download something they like, suitable for the whole family or friends and share content. Recently, only 6 companies received SARFT in this license. Several companies offer video content is basic and same, and through their cooperation can provide video service. However, in addition to also can give consumers what aspects of the content, this is the Samsung and other major brand difference.

So, first of all to find the most suitable for Chinese consumer services, in addition to Samsung to provide a global service to be localized, together with the 3D service available to the consumer. Samsung appliances are available through equipment sharing to improve intelligent experience, we not only sell a TV, but the appliances sharing service concept to all consumers. Early in 2002, we have provided for intelligent application service. Samsung intelligence application stores to support all the technical platform, including Android and Windows. By the end of this year, SamSung China mobile number of downloads can exceed 100000000 times, can provide more than 10000 content. In addition, Samsung has independent R & D capability, has a complete supply chain,Google TV keyboard a lot of key devices in Samsung can be independent production, to ensure that the Samsung in the quality of products and competitors have area

Smart TV is numerous this year color television manufacturer is one of the main products. In order to meet intelligent television network browsing and other complex applications, manufacturers are trying to develop a more complex remote control, to meet the needs of many of the functions of operation need color television.

Recently, South Korea's Samsung released specifically for the new design of the remote intelligent television. The remote controller using a very unique double-sided design, and have QWERTY full keyboard, consumers can achieve through its various rapid character input and other control.

The remote control is on the front of the traditional TV remote control style, back button layout is very similar to the side sliding type mobile phone keyboard style, in addition to complete with subtitles, and independent digital zone and the navigation area, and the top has also designed a small LCD screen, looks more cool.

It is reported this remote as optional way of selling, priced at $99.99, Smart TV keyboard and even more expensive than many low-end mobile phone, may deter many consumers.