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Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

construction level

Von mademms, 09:11
The town turns after the construction level obvious Zhi industry to develop.

Gao Gou Zhen develops because of the industry of his oneself and remitted to gather to definitely be engaged in production, manage, the personnel of marketing, Mini Wireless Keyboarddevelopment and service, formed an opposite intensive population district, took Gao lately big way as axis, gradually Be finished of with high ditch community, Long An's community, new ditch community, settle cheerful village for 10 square kilometers of core gather towns.Currently population in the town 26,900, although the urbanization leads already 55.8%,analyze Gao Gou Zhen's urbanization rate, regardless is an amount or a quality, didn't attain the level that should have.

See from the city planning, gather town construction to be placed in self-moving appearance more, don't form clear function programming structure and form, land capacity the rate isn't high.Gao Gou Zhen's 10 square kilometers are built up currently the area only have 2.69 myriad peoples, only 27% of economic capacity.See from the environment capacity, road, be provided for municipal services facilitieses, such as catchment facilities and the electric power, gas and communication pipeline tube net...etc.Patch Cord Manufacturerto have no kit good enough.See from the social business, the scale, type and levels of the hygiene, culture, and athletics...etc. public service facilities all want to raise completely.Absorb Na ability to see from the population, absorb Na on the average currently with thousand strong towns in the whole country the scale of 8 myriad peoples a little bit greatly was apart from and also formed the target discrepancy of 10 myriad people town populations with the town's 25 ends farther.Therefore, Gao Gou Zhen quickly push forward"the industrialization, town turn, modernization" as core next move and carry out city country the integral whole turn the way of thinking of progress.Sees from international experience, the town turns a rate to develop to 60% stages from 30%, is the stage that the town turns to accelerate a development, attain 70%, the city country then will carry out fusion.Gao Gou Zhen the industry fly soon a development in recent years, population gradually come together, financial power continuously growth, urbanization rate already 55.8%, the first step has city country the integral whole turns of external environment.

Want to hold tight a beneficial condition at present, put forth effort and crack check and supervision urbanization the system mechanism of the development obstacle, manage an agreeable job relation, excellent turn organize structure, the innovation manages a system and descends and puts management legal power,Cable Manufacturer social management and public service ability continuously promote Gao Gou Zhen, urbanization progress accelerate Gao Gou Zhen, raise the urbanization level of Gao Gou Zhen, row according to new area in Anhui province adjust speculation and way of thinking, combine the high ditch electric cable development present condition, strengthen town foundation implementation construction, speed carry out strand the construction step of river Hsin-cheng, real create into an ability and industry the development mutually match of civilization village.

The industry innovation gets behind with the development that the industry gathers cluster.

High ditch and other flourishing regions in the whole country such as bead triangle, the etc. ground in Zhejiang is similar, from the simple manufacturing industry but the industry developing gather cluster, from 2000 production value 620,000,000 dollars, till 2010 production value 17,800,000,000 dollars is the crack of the inflation type to sharply change.But accompany with high ditch electric cable the industry quickly extend, around industry of some innovation can not keep up with, the economy growth method can not practice a basic sex change.One is technique creative shortage.So far, so many electric cable production in the factory house can produce 35 KVs and following electric power electric cable and electricity to equip electric cable,electric welding machine manufacturer but be like the electric cable of high pressure, extra high voltage etc. affixture value Gao and have no a business enterprise to have an economic power to develop with science and technology real strenght production.Two is manage innovation shortage.

The high ditch electric cable is mostly a household type the business enterprise or business enterprise foundation is last to set up at household type of share system business enterprise, the household type management style at the beginning developed positive effect under the business enterprise establishment or scale not great circumstance.But continuously develop along with the business enterprise strong, original of household type the management style have already less and less adapted to the development request of modern business enterprise.Three is an original sale mode check and supervision high ditch further development.High ditch the Jiao today person what accomplishment depend is more than 4000 native salesmans.They walk the south rush north and deliver an information for business enterprise and get hold of order form, the business enterprise organization produces, and they are the merit of the business enterprises"beat world".Sell a member to make profit, business enterprise development.This sale mode can not settle, but also expose an a lot of problems and cause the business enterprise is on the after-sales service and the market meet an emergency up can not be valid for time to make policy, influence business enterprise development.Four is brand construction Zhi empress.Gao Gou Zhen's electric cable industry gathers cluster to accompany with 20 years of development, its brand constucts a far Zhi's empress at the extending of scale.

Gao Gou Zhen's yield scale more takes up 4% of the national electric cable industry.But close currently,led lighting automotive the high ditch electric cable business enterprise product gets to save famous trademark 10, famous brand product 10 in province, don't need check in the national electric cable profession 90 product, 12 Chinese famous brand products and 5 famous trademarks in China in, have no 1 to acquire national brand title.Therefore, want to speed a high ditch electric cable product to go to°from the brand famous brand next move, from product brand to brand system constructions, such as business enterprise brand, profession brand and region brand...etc., is Chinese famous brand and China particularly famous trademark and China doesn't need check product etc. brand quality construction, make Gao Gou Zhen electric cable sale the mode can carry out a basic sex change, then rely on brand sale, end 4000 histories that the sale members full whole countries run.