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My childhood

Von mademms, 04.12.2012, 08:22
My brother is kooloonot a person, is a toy bear. For 20 years, he is my closest brother. I vowed to do everything within my power to protect him. Because between me and him, yesethat blood is thicker than water. Although there is no blood in his body, only cotton.

Course, few people in this world to be able to understand this matter. Small when they call it childish, grow up, they do not know what is called. 21 years old,jfed my brother is very old, and had taken off the hair in many places of the body.

One ear has been sewn many times and still shaky. But in my heart, and still he was four years old brother delicate dripping. I was with my boyfriend joked: "If you do not do dinner if olfeI eat your only Winnie dipped in mayonnaise." So I excitedly discoloration. I called out to tell him: "You lay a finger on him and I'll kill you."

What happened next, of course, was a war. In fact, I can understand him to be a threat for their lives because of a teddy bear, for a man of course is difficult to accept. Finally, he calmly said to me: "You are a cold-blooded." My innocent brother afford to sit on a small bed, he can not understand this dispute because he sky. It is the little hold him up and attached to the face. Brother, your sister in the cold-blooded, you do not have anything to be afraid.

Cold-blooded. From small to large, more than one person say to elikeme. There is a period of time, I really think they are right.

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