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Lost do not hang on the face

Von mademms, 06.11.2012, 03:39

The ups and downs, labyrinthian called life, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the survival of the fittest is social. So people in the community do not care too much about your own gain and loss, housing area misfortune may be an actual blessing. Since the choice, be brave to go, do my best, finally got is own, lost input nor, nuisance, you also experience for themselves. Experience is a terrible thing, you don't have to use the money to buy. In fact, the school is this, you learn is bought, because this is called society, so is inseparable from the interests of.

People can not live every day in the joy, the storm will withstand society has the more glamorous, furnishing accessories life needs to experience a lot of, say a big loss is the most painful, say a small work and life, the risk of the investment, experienced no profits will make you sad to hang on the face friction, life, friends, or even to some friends after meeting next time don't know when. I think, my heart was shocked, lost, not happy, smiling face is not, then you need to buckle down, think about life, which has the wrong ah, you could not live in the loss, so the past this threshold, as long as the sun as usual tomorrow rose, your life is brilliant.

You invest, not profit, your business, not for profit, work, there is no good treatment, social tell you, you still lack anything, to fill you with, water distribution not only your thoughts. Need there are many, you will think of, all not as suddenly came to you ah, alone to overwhelm your body, why is unfair to you, and you are lost and sad, think of is not a place to live in you. Why do you think you are doing what ah. If you follow your idea to do ah, your customers will have the confidence to you ah, your product sales appeared what problem, why no good sales ah, what you have put your heart in the above, their own analysis of their causes. People need understanding, discoloration need is introspection. Don't lose often hung in his face.

Lost often hangs in the faces of the people, the easiest is gaunt, the unhappy mood on the face, how do you have a good mood in work, see others will upset infectious to others. If you put your heart please adjust, do have confidence, initial renovation confidence do easy success, so don't put the bad mood always in your heart. Don't get lost in his face.

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