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LED bulb subsidy

Von mademms, 09.10.2012, 06:04

Lighting industry concerns about LED lighting the national standard (CNS ) was released, the Ministry of economy is intended to address the home LED bulb, a subsidy of 200 yuan, MR 16 LED may have bad money drives out good money, the production of inferior low goods like health industry to become the biggest winner. Taiwan lighting lamps export association chairman Zhang Kongcheng yesterday led with bureau of standards, urges the Bureau of standards to speed up the development of LED lighting standard steps.

According to not intend named lighting industry points out, Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of standards for the implementation of government energy policy, draw up our LED lighting national standard for many years, but today has not yet been formally implemented, the lighting industry did not send testing opportunities.

To this end, Zhang Kongcheng yesterday called on the standard of Chen Jieshan of director of bureau of bureau of standards, hope to speed up the development of LED lighting standard. But the industry completely did not expect the economy ministry on Thursday announced suddenly within 1 months, aimed at the home LED bulb proposed subsidy policy, the industry said, LED Spotlight supplier dab8d28ck even the standards are not, to grant?

The industry pointed out, the Ministry of economy in order to encourage people to save energy and reduce carbon, intends to follow the example of energy-saving appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, TV and air-conditioning ) subsidy policy, plan recently allocated 1000000000 yuan of funds, aimed at the home LED bulb, a maximum subsidy of 200 yuan, with family as a unit, each grant 5 to 10 LED bulbs before the end of this year, is expected to carry out.

The industry pointed out, Ministry of economic affairs forget LED lighting so far is CNS, this year two wave of energy-saving appliances subsidies, subsidies to energy saving label as basis, different. At present domestic production LED bulbs manufacturers to at least 4, 50, the production quality is uneven, some good and some bad, the industry worry, LED lighting without CNS standard as the basis of future benefits, specializes in production of low-cost LED light bulb manufacturers, service life is not up to standard, but with the price advantage and swept most of the market, appear bad money drives out good money.

Industry strongly urged the Ministry of economy, first introduced LED lighting standard, then the home of LED bulb subsidies.

Layout of LED and LED lamp bulb for the CLP, Datong company director expresses, the industry has completed the LED lighting product development, LED Bulb Price only the government announced LED lighting standard, can be LED bulbs and lamps and other products to send inspection, detection.

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